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A down-to-Earth sci-fi road trip, The Book of Constellations is a story about Rael, who claims to be the sole survivor of an alien race, as told by Simon, the man who went with him. On a quest to save humanity from the same malevolent force that destroyed his own people, Rael believes this “Darkness” resides in the Governor of the state. Rael makes his way west to the Capitol armed with nothing but his uncanny perception and empathy. He gathers allies along the way from the forgotten and lost of America.  Rael’s obsession won’t allow him to mourn another world, but how far is he willing to go to save us?


Oct 31, 2022

Bonus Content:
Emet from the 2022 Phonic Fiction Fest.
Produced as part of the original audio drama festival Phonic Fiction Fest, Emet was written, recorded, and produced in just 48 hours. It won numerous awards by the voters in the festival, including top prizes in Story, Acting, Original Music, the Horror-Fantasy category, and was voted Best Overall out of all 25 entries.
A transcript can be found here.
Content Warnings: Fantasy horror, death & suicide, loud noises, references to blood, disease, and cultural oppression. 

Producer, Editor, Sound Designer: H.M. Radcliff of Packhowl Media, The Madness of Chartrulean, & Tales for Howling at the Moon.
Lead Writer & Director: W. Keith Tims of Alien Ghost Robot Creative Media, The Book of Constellations, The First Episode Of, The Love Talker.
Voice of Duncan, Composer, Contributing Writer: Aud Andrews of The Madness of Chartrulean and his Bandcamp site.
Voice of Atara, Contributing Writer, Songwriter "Atara's Lullaby": Noelle Rose of Dragon Shanty.
Voice of the Golem, Translator, Jewish Folklore Consultant: Sivan Raz of
Editing and Sound Design: Magnus Carlson of The Nebulous Saga.
Special thanks to Cole Weavers of The Town Whispers and Nathan Lunsford of The Storage Papers for founding and running the Festival.